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Does Anyone Remember Tokyopop ?

written by BckuzRossizDead January 15, 2015

It is no secret that Shonen Jump has a veritable stable of hits, they even have an upcoming fighting title to prove it (J-Stars VS+). Thanks to Shonen Jump I have enjoyed a steady supply of fantastic manga—Death Note, Naruto, Claymore, and Zombie Powder to name a few. But before S-J saved the day, I was in love with a company called Tokyopop! Tokyopop was at one point a major supplier of manga and manwha—though they denied it for a year’s yaio comics as well under their BLU imprint. Tokyopop did something strange though; they invested in lots of independent and American artist.

So after majorly shutting down Tokyopop eventually restructured–
Tokyopop is not what it use to be but hidden amongst the rubble are still a few amazing reads. So here are a few still in print or available as an E-book titles that you should pick up or download.

MBQ by Felipe Smith (Now of Ghost Rider Fame)
A weave of multiple characters– the hilarious MBQ has been called the Dave Chappelle Show of Manga’s. This is one of my favorite titles of all time and the art is amazing as it is fresh.

Gyakushu! by Dan Hipp
A Sin City esque tale with all the flair of Kill Bill, this highly styled manga weaves a frigid bloody tale of revenge.

I Luv Halloween by Ben Roman and Keith Giffen
a creepy tale about kids who set out on a night of debauchery—hoping to score major candy on Halloween. These kids aren’t innocent and this dark tale is a morbid sort of humor.
Fans of Invader Zim will feel right at home.

Princess AI by Misaho Kujiradou, D.J. Milky and Courtney Love
Yeah that’s not a typo Courtney Love helped to write and inspire this wildly popular manga. The love story of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love spun into a fantasy gothic Lolita tale.

To Check Some of these titles out visit, www.tokyopop.com

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