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D’oh! Ten Of The Best Simpsons Tattoos

written by Gareth Holton May 15, 2017
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It feels like The Simpsons have been around forever. In a lot of readers’ cases this is true as they are about to begin their 29th season! It’s no secret that the show had a golden age amongst fans and, depending on who you talk to, seasons 1-10 tend to be the best of the best. Over the last few years fans have turned to Simpsons themed tattoos as a way to show their undying love for a show that, for some, has been around longer than they have. @thesimpsonstattoo has been the go to Instagram page to show off skin deep tributes of America’s favourite family. This page has become so popular, nearly as popular as rihanna instagram page! Not surprised though as it is one of the most watched TV shows of all time.

Here’s ten of the best in no order whatsoever!

We’ll start of nice and simple. Ol’ Burnsy looks like he’s been painted on. Colourful, bright and bold. Nice!

If you don’t understand the reference here then you need to watch more Simpsons! This is meta level clever.

Hank Scorpio. One of the greatest non recurring characters ever.

It spawned one of the more popular Simpsons memes in recent history and is just as funny to impersonate!

Messy and perfectly brilliant.

“Woah, that’s good squishee!”

Oh Ralph….

Another fan fave is awkwardly paused moments in The Simpsons. This is one of them.

You’ll see heaps of these around as it popular as hell but come on, it’s dignity!

But you ain’t seen nothing yet…

Jade Baxter now holds the world record for the most tattoos of characters from a single animated series. 230 individual tattoos totalling at around 130 hours of work!

Now THAT’S commitment!

Do you have any geeky ink you want to show off? Sound off in the comments below!

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