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Domestic Geek Does Christmas

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson December 13, 2016
Christmas tree made of lego

Christmas tree made of legoThe top ten gifts for the Domestic Geek in your life! Perfect for cooking enthusiasts, book lovers, and geeks who love ironic decor. Of course, there are other options to consider, like a set of whiskey glasses from blade runner, or some other nerdy memorabilia, but in terms of a guarantee to be there in time for the big day, these listed are a solid option. All items are in stock and will ship by Christmas, so take a look and get the geek in your life off your shopping list!

$20 and under:

Cereal bowl Fallout

Any Fallout fan will get a kick out of this useful gift! It really is the bomb for sugary cereal lovers everywhere, even after being cryogenically frozen. A video game geek, collector, or kitchenware fan on your list will love this Christmas gift.

Fallout 4 Cereal Bowl $11.99

Snitch Mug Harry Potter

Who doesn’t know a sassy Harry Potter fan who would love this mug for their morning pumpkin juice? Even Polyjuice potion would be palatable to drink from this awesome mug! This mug will be the chosen one of any HP fan’s kitchen cabinet.

99 Problems Snitch Mug $13.99


Science geeks unite! Now you can protect your coffee table in true geek style with this Periodic Element coaster set. Better yet the elements are all radioactive and glow in dim light! Help the science geek in your life protect their table by periodically reminding them to use the awesome coasters you buy them this year.

Radioactive Elements Coasters $19.99

Harry Potter house banner

Show your house colors on any door or wall with this collection of Harry Potter house banners! Each banner has the crest of your chosen house emblazoned on the front along with the house name. Any proud Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Slytherin, or Ravenclaw in your life would be proud to receive one this holiday season!

Harry Potter House Banners $19.99

Chopsticks made of light sabers

Use your light saber training to master the art of eating with chopsticks! They come alive in your hands and glow with the mystical power of the force all throughout your meal. Whether you’re on the light side or the dark side, any Star Wars fan on your list will love these creative utensils!

Lightsaber Chopsticks $19.99


Gameboy magnets on fridge

Tired of boring fridge magnets? Give the gamer in your life a classic Gameboy fridge magnet set! Turn that boring fridge into the talk of the kitchen, we only wish it was playable!

Gameboy Fridge Magnet $22.99

wine bottle with chainmail

Bring the middle ages to your next dinner party with this wine cozy made from chain mail! Any renaissance or battle enthusiast on your list will love this novel get up for their favorite bottle of red!

Chain Mail Wine Cozy $24.99

Superhero holds up books

For the reader or superhero lover on your list, choose this incredible book end! The superhero does all the work to support their massive book collection invisibly. A novel choice for readers of all ages!

Super Hero Book Ends $34.00

$50 and over:

Tetris piece stack lamp

Who wouldn’t go nuts for this classic game turned desk lamp? With endless stacking options the fun never has to end…until your work catches up with you! Any classic gamer on your list will love this amazing gift!

Teris Stackable Desk Lamp $49.99

Waffles shaped like a keyboard

Hungry for breakfast but can’t seem to log off the computer? Give the overnight gamer in your life a keyboard waffle iron! Not only is the shape hilarious, but it also leaves plenty of pockets for butter and syrup!

Keyboard Waffle Iron $57.42

Did you like this list? Team DHTG will be releasing even more cool Christmas lists in the coming weeks, like this board game lover’s list! Which item is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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