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Domino’s is Fixing Roads for Your Pizza Safety!

written by Logan Brklacic June 14, 2018
A Domino's branded dump truck dumps asphalt into a pothole while workers repair it.

Have you ever had the horrifying experience of opening your freshly delivery pizza only to discover the cheese has shifted or the toppings are no longer on top of the pizza? Well until someone can implement some sort of self-stabilizing gyroscope pizza bag, roads need to be repaired. When state governments aren’t fixing them rapidly, Domino’s has decided to step in and champion the cause.

Domino’s Pizza is tired of our poor pizza’s being thrown around in their boxes on ill-maintained streets, so they started the ‘Paving for Pizza’ campaign. By going to the campaign’s website, you can witness what happens inside that pizza box when road conditions are less then optimal, as well as nominate your city in the hopes that Domino’s will start to fix your streets! The crews hired to fixed the potholes are also marking them with the Domino’s logo and the phrase, “OH YES WE DID.”

A pothole repaired by Domino's is tagged with their logo and the phrase "OH YES WE DID"

Domino’s tagged repaired pothole

‘Paving for Pizza’ has already fixed potholes in numerous cities. They paved the wave to safer deliveries in the following towns:

  • Burbank, California – 5 potholes fixed, 1 road repaired, and 8 hours worked.
  • Bartonville, Texas – 8 potholes fixed, 3 roads repaired, 8 hours worked and 72 tons of asphalt used.
  • Milford, Delaware – 40 potholes fixed! 10 roads repaired, and 10 hours worked.
  • Athens, Georgia – 150 square yards of roadways repaved!! In only 3 hours worked!?!?!!

Local officials from each of these towns are pleased and astonished by the repairs Domino’s has made to their city.

We were intrigued by this unique public-private partnership. This was certainly a new type of opportunity for us.

– Stephen Bailey, Program Development Coordinator, Athens, GA

We appreciated the extra Paving for Pizza funds to stretch our street repair budget as we addressed more potholes then usual.

– Eric Norenberg, City Manager of Milford, DE

I was ecstatic, I didn’t think it was possible but Domino’s delivered on their promise to fix potholes in Bartonville, Texas.

– Michael Montgomery, Town Administrator, Bartonville, TX

A Domino's branded steamroller, rolls up to a pothole. The roller barrel has Domino's logo and reads "Pavingforpizza.com"

Domino’s branded steamroller fixing a pothole for Paving for Pizza

Well I’m hungry now. What do you think about Domino’s campaign to save our pizzas? Let us know in the comments.

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