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Don’t Hate The Geek: Easter Egg Hunts – “The Wolverine” Costume FULLY Explained!

written by Manny Popoca AKA: MannysPlace December 16, 2014



Did you ever notice this?


Another new feature we will be bringing you here on Don’t Hate The Geek will be called “DHTG Easter Egg Hunts”. Where I’ll be highlighting those sneaky little Easter Eggs hidden in our favorite comic book related TV shows and movies!! Not only will I point them out, I’ll even go further by explaining these Easter Eggs to non-comic book fans who are not aware of these Eggs.

Comic Book Related Easter Egg Hunts: The Wolverine

Today I am highlighting this little Easter Egg found but not really fully explained by most. In the DVD extras for the movie the director tells of a deleted scene at the end of the X-Men franchise movie: “The Wolverine”.  It is revealed that in the scene where Wolverine is saying goodbye to Mariko at the airport there is some activity going on in the background.  There is a suitcase Yukio is given and she then brings onto the plane. The background scene that they clearly made obvious to those that pay attention to that sort of thing. The odd thing is they never really explained such an Easter Egg type move with no clarification.


The obvious not so obvious hand off.



Now she has it……


…..now she does not have it. That’s an edit goof I spotted also.

Well it turns out what was in the suitcase and was going to be revealed in an after the credits bonus Easter Egg was the “Classic Brown Costume” from the X-Men comic books!!

Now how cool would it have been it they actually kept that in the movie?! It was said they could have used it in a future film but really that train already left the station!! Hope you enjoyed that DHTG Easter Egg Hunt!

The Wolverine - Deleted scene

The Wolverine – Deleted scene

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