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Don’t play Destiny on a modded console.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. December 12, 2014


Love playing Destiny? Love your modded console? Well those two things don’t go together as Bungie is actively banning people who play with any type of modded console.

Bungie detailed the bans in a latest community blog, stating that they go over bans and make sure they’re valid. The recent spate of banhammering was spurred by Destiny players logging on sometime with a modded console. That means if you even logged in on a friend’s hacked Xbox with your Destiny account, Bungie will ban you.

“use the boxes that your favorite retailer ‘gave’ you.”

Any of my geeks get the old banhammer? Were you naughty and using a modded console? Sound off in those comments, like always you won’t be judged!

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