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Dragon Age Star, Greg Ellis, is Reported by Authorities as Missing

written by Liana "LiLi" R. May 13, 2016

UPDATE: This story has since been updated: Greg Ellis has been found and is at home alive and well!

Original Story: The voice behind one of my favourite characters in the Dragon Age series, Greg Ellis, has had a missing persons report filed. This news breaks my heart as a fan, his powerful voice is known throughout the gaming industry and it appears that no one has seen or heard from him since May 11th.


A family friend reported that Ellis left his house and then a mere few hours later the Dragon Age star’s home was empty with all of the windows and doors found open. Even stranger, Ellis’ keys and his wallet were both found inside.

Many reports suggest that Ellis lives with the struggle of being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Those unfamiliar with the term, it is a psychological disorder that can affect the mood of a person dramatically with manic highs followed by extremely depressive lows. These manic highs are called “hypomania” and his family friend suggests that at the time Ellis left his home, he was experiencing the crest of the hypomania state. Ellis has repeatedly shied away from any sort of treatment causing family and friends to worry. Both are aiding authorities in finding Ellis and bringing him home safely.


As someone who is not only a personal fan of Greg Ellis but also have very close people to me that suffer from Bipolar Disorder, this news breaks my heart. This is a scary time for his family and those who have come to respect him in this industry. He is not alone. Many suffer from this disorder and even more are unaware of it, therefore cannot seek treatment.

Please help Ellis get back home to his friends and family. If you have any information, contact the LAPD:


Case Number 161511285

Case may be under Jonny Rees (legal name) or Greg Ellis, both are names he goes by.

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