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DuckTales Reboot Teaser Released!

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson December 8, 2016
Ducks inside Scrooge McDuck

Cancel your summer vacation plans and re-live your childhood next summer! A reboot of DuckTales is scheduled for summer of 2017, and a teaser is out now!

Ducks inside Scrooge McDuck

Airing for just three years of afternoons in the eighties, the original show followed the antics of millionaire Uncle Scrooge McDuck and his adventures with Hewey, Dewey, and Louie! Action packed episodes about treasure hunts and defending Uncle’s fortune were the highlight of The Disney afternoon cartoon line-up.

The reboot will premiere on Disney XD next summer, and the first teaser trailer is here!

Featuring a snippet of the classic theme song and the iconic gold coins, it seems the reboot will stay true to the spirit of DuckTales. Most notably, Webby Vanderquack will be an addition to the gang of ducklings. However, the Beagle Boys and other old favorites are sure to make appearances! Rumor has it Launchpad McQuack will be back for the reboot. Matt Youngberg, director of Teen Titans,  is the creator of the reboot. Probably my favorite cartoon growing up was Teen Titans, so I believe this reboot is in good hands!

While the new series is similar to the original, a notable departure from the classic cartoon is the art style. Disney produced nearly all of its cartoons from 1980-2000 with the same classic animation art style. Generations have grown up with it and we all have nostalgia for that classic cartoon feel. As a result, the reboot is taking a middle-ground between new age animation and the classic animation we all know and love. The same thin black outline of the characters rather than a heavy one is a nod to the original animation. Besides the outlines and general character shape, there are not many more similarities. Rather than the bold solid colors of the classic cartoon, the reboot takes a new approach with multiple colors and a paper textured effect.

Ducks in safari Jeep

What do you think of the new art style? Will you watch the DuckTales reboot? Let us know in the comments below!

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