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Dungeon Punks coming to PAX East

written by Branden H April 20, 2016
Dungeon Punks a Tag Team Brawler RPG

Dungeon Punks a Tag Team Brawler RPG

New day, new things coming to PAX East that makes this writer wish he could hop on a plane and go. Alas, I cannot, so it’s up to me to show you all the nifty stuff that is coming to PAX. Today it’s Dungeon Punks by Hyper Awesome Entertainment.

Dan Goldstein announced that he would be bringing Dungeon Punks to PAX east during his press release. The game’s story is a bit hard to encapsulate so I’ll let Dan himself tell it:

The name of the game pays homage to the dungeon punk genre of fiction: imagine all the conveniences of the modern world, but substitute magic for technology. In this game that means flying boats, unwelcome visits from the Feds, corporate espionage, and a bunch of mutants with licenses to kill on a mission to take down the bigwigs of the resurrection insurance industry, all in a medieval setting

On top of that they’ve looked back on the brawlers and 2D beat-em ups of your and crammed in an interesting tag team fight system. In their system you can flip between any of your six party members on the fly to set up tag team combos if you are playing solo and of course you can always pair up with a buddy as well.

It’s taken them four years to get the game to where it is now and the teaser trailer certainly has polish. I am curious to see if this little studio will be able to turn this great concept into a winning design.


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