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DXRacer WIDE Series Gaming Chair REVIEW with DHTG

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg February 27, 2016

My ass and my back wanted to take a minute out to write a review on one of the best things that has ever happened to them. Now most of you on this site are geeks, gamers, or computer fans and have come across this name in our realm waaaayyyy more than once….DXRacer. DXRacer is the only chair to go to if you are looking for something for long stints of computer or video gaming. I have gone through many chairs in my time as a geek and nothing has felt as good on my body as DXRacer.

DXRacer Wide Series

DXRacer sent us out one of their newer lines, The WIDE Series, for this review.  This is one of the newer chairs from DXRacer and might be one of my favorites. At $369.99-$399.99 it is right in the middle when it comes to prices on the DXRacer line-up. I think it is also that perfect area as far as size and feel as well. The wide series takes everything good about the normal formula and racing series but mixes it in with a little more heavy-duty chair and wider seat and arms for those geeks out there that like a little more room. I am one of those geeks. I love that if I want to put my foot under me I have the room to do that.

Specs for the DXRacer WIDE

The WIDE series chair comes in weighing about 65 lbs, so more heavy-duty than most chairs you will come across. I love not feeling like I will break my chair when I throw myself back in it in disgust at my gameplay. The chair also lays almost all the way back if you need to take a quick nap or need a break from pwning. One thing I have noticed compared to most office chairs is how comfortable and soft the chair really is. Everyone that visits my office sits in it and that is the first thing they say followed by “where do I get one”. Lots of colors available as always with DXRacer. We went with the solid black but of course love the green one as well.

DXRacer laid back

One thing I was afraid of when the huge box came in was the setup and build process. DXRacer could not have made it easier. Within about 20 minutes I was plopped down in my chair gaming. Very easy to understand instruction and actually very minimal setup. As someone who is not mechanically inclined I loved that.

For anyone that is serious about their gameplay or just wants the best DXRacer is what you need. If you like a little more room in the chair then the WIDE series could be your pick. Check out the link below and see all they have to offer. Your butt and back will thank you. Next up for us will be the new DXRacer Desk to go with the chair! You might want to be on the lookout as I am feeling a DXRacer giveaway in DHTG near future. Be sure and follow us on Facebook for all the latest info.

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