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E-Blue FPS Mazer Metal Gaming Keyboard REVIEW

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg November 12, 2016



RGB all of the things!!! E-Blue has to be one of the most colorful companies out there. From the gaming chairs that we have reviewed all the way down to every one of their computer peripherals. We got our geeky hands on the new Mazer mechanical keyboard and man this thing is bright. Now as I have posted in all of my mechanical keyboard reviews for those looking for a new keyboard…these are loud. Looking at streaming our YouTubing, be careful with these as the CLACK CLACK is very loud. The Mazer is the same way.

Out of the box the Mazer looks very nice. It has a metal base and weighs in at 760g. I was impressed with the size of it (365*142.5*33.mm). E-Blue is known in the competitive gaming area so it makes sense that they would go for smaller size to help with travel and desk space. I plugged in the keyboard via the USB 2.0 and dimmed my lights to see what E-Blue had in store for me….I was not let down.


The keyboard lit up like a Christmas Tree. The Mazer has full custom backlighting so you can really tailor it your liking. I was really impressed how cool it looked in a dark room. I did see a little more power consumption than my other boards but nothing that even made a spike. img_0267The lighting under the board that runs along the outside lights up the whole desk with an awesome glow and does have 5 sets of custom settings for the glow zone. There is a memory function built-in for the lighting as well so no need to redo your setup.

When it comes to a gaming keyboard we need more than pretty lights right? Well the Mazer held its own there as well. With 87 mechanical keys and all conflict-free you may CLACK as you wish. They key presses felt good on the floating keycaps, although I like a little more resistance on my keys some prefer less like the Mazer. You do get 12 multimedia keys as well for all of your music and entertainment. I feel like the Mazer would last as well. It is rated for >50 Million keystrokes and I think it could take it. I really like the metal base, looks good and gives it some durability.

The cable is woven nylon and is really thick. I cannot imagine there would be any fraying on this cable. You have the same durability on the USB as well.

If there was one complaint that I have about the board is the feet. It has small rubber pads under the board that do not give it much angle. Now as someone who uses a gaming keyboard to work and play this might only be for me. I would like to see bigger feet to give it some angle…but such a small complaint on otherwise what is a badass gaming keyboard.


When it comes to gaming keyboards price really comes into play. E-Blue really shines in that area at a great price to put you into a premium board. At under $70 it is quite a bit cheaper than some of the other mechanical gaming boards we have reviewed. If you want to RGB all of the things, head over to E-Blue and grab one now and check out all of their other products while you are there.


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