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E-Win Champion Series Gaming Chair REVIEW

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg October 15, 2016

I know some serious die-hard gamers out there. I am talking those geeks that can throw 10 hours into a single session. Yes, you know some of them as well. Crazy thing is that when you look at what most of them are sitting in I always wonder how their back and butt feel after such a haul. They are always in these uncomfortable chairs that look like they took it from an office sale down the street. When I ask my friends why have they not jumped into a gaming chair purchase it always comes down to one thing….price. If you’re like my friends and are not sure what chair to get or are looking for something within your budget, it may help to check out sites www.bestgamingchair.com for some guidance. After letting them sit in chairs like the E-Win Champion Series you understand that it is worth every dime.

E-Win Champion Series

The geeks over at E-Win sent us out one of their latest gaming chairs for a review. Upon receiving we opened up the big box and started to dive into the assembly. The E-Win Champion series is very easy to put together. Our total install time was about 20 minutes. Packing was done well and the chair was safe and secure on its trip to my doorstep. One of the major things that really stood out in assembling was the base of the chair. It was very sturdy and had these nice little black grooves in it to really make it stand out. I did feel the wheels were a little small compared to some of the other chairs that I have reviewed but I am not really sure how that plays into durability. Once fully assembled my butt was ready to test it out.

We dove into the release of Gears of War 4 with a gaming mouse and keyboard and was ready to put some time into the chair. As I slid into the chair I could tell it was durable. It was holding my weight just fine and I knew I could relax in it. The leather like material is solid and you can tell it will last over time. The cushioning in the Champion series is a little stiff for my taste but the associate I had helping me install it said he preferred it that way. The width of the chair was wide enough that I did not feel like I was constricted at all (this is an issue I have felt with some other chairs). I can comfortably bring my leg up under me if I feel like it and it’s comfortable enough to get into long gaming sessions if wanted, which these lunettes gaming could also greatly help with.

The 360° swivel of the chair was smooth and quiet as I spun around like a child. While doing all of this testing I kept the two pillows that come with on (one for headrest and the other for lumbar support). The logo stitching in the pillows looks good and does not take away from the chair at all.


The Champion series does have a 180° adjustable back rest so that you can lay the chair down or lean it back to our desired spot. There are times I have done this and woke up hours later….yes I am that guy. On our demo chair it seemed when using the handle to let the chair rise back to its standard spot it took a very long time so it was just faster to grab the back and pull it back to the original spot.

The arms do rise up and down as well so you can find the correct height that fits what feels good. They do feel sturdy and seem like they would stand up to a long life.

All in All

After about 20 hours of use I can say the E-Win Champion Series Gaming Chair seems like a chair that will last a very long time. Priced in at $349 it is right on par with the other chairs that we have reviewed for costs. The tough materials and moderately stiff cushions seems to make this chair a great choice for those looking for either office work, or like the tough durable feel and use out a chair. No need to worry about your jeans tearing this one. E-Win has done a great job in making the chair look great and very easy to assemble. If you are in the market for a new chair (you should be) be sure and put these on your list to look at. Check out more from E-Win here.

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