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E3: Bookmark This Page And Watch Full E3 Coverage!

written by Tyler June 9, 2018
E3 2018


Geeks! We’ve embedded the Twitch link for the entire coverage for E3 below, feel free to bookmark this page and tune in! The schedule is as follows:

When: Saturday, June 9th at 11AM PT / 2PM ET

When: Sunday, June 10th at 1PM PT / 4PM ET

When: Sunday, June 10th at 6:30PM PT / 9:30PM ET

When: Sunday, June 10th at 8PM PT / 11PM ET

When: Monday, June 11th at 10AM PT / 1PM ET

When: Monday, June 11th at 1PM PT / 4PM ET

When: Monday, June 11th at 3PM PT / 6PM ET

When: Monday, June 11th at 6PM PT / 9PM ET

When: Tuesday, June 12th at 9AM PT / 12PM ET

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Original article:

Back in the day, E3 was press-only and was hyper-focused and short. Only the bigwigs and huge publishers had a platform in which to speak and announce stuff on. More recently, E3 has been extended to offer passes to the public, it’s almost a week long now, and there are a huge variety of mid-size to AAA studios who present during the Electronics Entertainment Expo.

We’re about 2 weeks out now, and E3 2018 will be no different, and this year I’m exceptionally excited for a number of reasons. In addition to game publisher booths and demos, the E3 Coliseum will have a schedule for the 3 days featuring a number of high-profile people doing reveals and presentations, such as Elijah Wood, Penn Jillette, Randy Pitchford, Amy Hennig, Hideo Kojima, Tim Schafer, Camilla Luddington and Darren Aronofsky, to name a few. As for the publishers and their games, here’s what we know so far for most publishers and developers:

Anthem to be shown at E3

EA (June 9 at 11am PT/ 7pm BST)

EA has confirmed that attendee’s will have a chance to play Madden 19, FIFA 19, NHL 19 and NBA Live 19. Outside of the expected sports titles, Battlefield V and Anthem are the big AAA titles that are most certainly going to make an appearance. Although EA is usually predictable, since there’s no real other rumors, I’d wager you won’t see anything super surprising here.

Ubisoft (June 11 at 1pm PT/ 9pm BST)

The big rumor here, one of which I’m absolutely stoked for, is a new Splinter Cell. Especially since the rumor mill has Michale Ironside returning to voice Sam Fisher. As for confirmed titles, we’re looking at The Division 2 and Beyond Good And Evil 2. Some fans are crossing fingers and toes for a Rainbow Six Siege 2, although I wouldn’t hold your breath.

a new Smash Bros to be shown at E3

Nintendo (June 12 at  9am PT/ 5pm BST)

We already have a new Zelda and Mario, so chances are that Nintendo will bring out another one of their IP’s, such as Kirby or Yoshi, for a first-party reveal. Mario Party, maybe? New Labo kits? Metroid Prime 4 is almost a guarantee, although Nintendo is anything but traditional when it comes to marketing. Perhaps a Switch-based Pokemon or Animal Crossing? C’mon Nintendo! What we do know, is that a new Smash Bros., Splatoon 2 and a Monster Hunter game will be shown.

Bethesda (June 10 at 6.30 pm PT/ 2.30 am BST)

This is the one I’m the most excited for. They released a trailer for E3 2018 showing Elder Scrolls, Doom and Fallout. Elder Scrolls is going to be related to Elder Scrolls Online (seeing as Todd Howard has confirmed there will be 2 major titles before ES6 is even announced), Doom will probably see Doom 2, and I have no idea what they could do with the Fallout franchise. My guess is a Fallout 3 remaster, although I’d be disappointed. Perhaps Wolfenstein 2 DLC, Fallout 4 on the Switch or even a new Dishonored.

The biggest rumor is since Bethesda has revealed one of the titles that is being worked on is another open-world RPG (and since they have filed trademark for the name “Starfield“), so I’d wager that will be a major reveal. Since Bethesda has very short announcement-release timelines, you’ll probably see a release date of this coming holiday season for at least one title.

Last Of Us Part II, to be shown at E3

Sony (June 11 at 6pm PT/ 2am BST)

The PS4 Pro was already introduced, and it’s already confirmed no hardware will be shown for Sony’s E3 presentation. Officially, they’ve confirmed they will be focusing on Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man and The Last Of Us: Part 2. In addition to those big 4, you can bet there will be reveals and announcements for indie titles that Sony publishers too at E3.

Square Enix (June 11 at 10am PT/ 6pm BST)

Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3 are among the confirmed games to be talked about during their presentation, as well as the recently revealed Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, the conclusion to the rebooted trilogy. Although their 2017 E3 wasn’t super powerful, Square Enix isn’t much for rumors this year.

Halo, possible to show Halo 6 at E3

Microsoft (June 10 at 1pm PT/ 9pm BST)

It’s expected that a Halo 6 announcement will be made, and Gear Of War 5 is possible but less likely. What’s got me excited though, which has only been lightly rumored, is Fable 4. There hasn’t been much else talked about, or even known about what Microsoft will show, but since the Xbox One X was revealed last year, chances are this year will be quite software-focused.

Cyberpunk 2077, rumored to be shown at E3

In addition to the above list, CD Projekt RED has booked a meeting room, with a listing on the official E3 directory under RPG games, so hopefully we’ll finally get a real look at Cyberpunk 2077. Our writers here at Don’t Hate The Geek are waiting in anticipation for some really awesome reveals, and here’s our wishlist so far:

  • Starfield: I love the Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises, and I’d love to see a 3rd IP come from my favorite developer. I’m excited to see what they come up with, hopefully with a new engine.
  • Last Of Us Part 2: I mean, of course I want to play it. Does that mean I want to see it? I’m… still reeling from Part 1.
  • Fallout 4 on the Switch: Bethesda is known for being a port-master. However, Fallout 4 is still good without mods, which is not the case for Skyrim. Thus, I would definitely pay for Fallout 4 on the Switch.
  • Splinter Cell: Not only am I stoked to have Michael Ironside back to voice Fisher, but it feels so very long since the last (and very underrated) Splinter Cell: Blacklist. I just want more! Perhaps Sara won’t be captured this time? Who knows.

The official E3 page has a list of new products to be revealed, including indie titles, so head over there to take a look. As for the rest of E3 coverage, keep an eye on and bookmark DHTG, as we’ll be doing full coverage for all exhibitors and new titles as they are revealed beginning June 9th.

What are you guys excited to see at this year’s E3? What’s on your wishlist? Let us know in the comments!


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