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Is EA Making a Star Wars Game Like Grand Theft Auto?

written by Johnny Perkins March 27, 2018
EA and Star Wars game

Imagine the Perfect Star Wars Game

EA has made a few Star Wars games over the years. Most recently Star Wars Battlefront II, which was heavily criticized over its microtransactions. So clearly it wasn’t perfect. Frankly, we haven’t had a truly great Star Wars games in a very long time. So take a moment, imagine the perfect Star Wars game. Ok, we already had the original Battlefront II and Knights of the Old Republic so if that’s the best you can come up with, try harder. For me, what I imagine as the best possible Star Wars game is an open world game. I want a GTA-style Star Wars game. I want to be able to hop in an X-wing, fly around Coruscant, and go steal the Millennium Falcon. You know, everything you ever dreamed of doing in Star Wars.

Visceral's Star Wars Game for EA

So What Are We Getting?

So what do we know about this mysterious project that EA is working on? Well, we know it’s open world and could possibly have an online aspect to it. We know this from a job listing on EA, and the biggest hint is this description.

We are looking for a talented and experienced Lead Online Engineer to join an established, experienced team of developers working on a AAA Star Wars title in development at EA Vancouver. This is an opportunity to join a veteran team to design, architect, and implement the Online infrastructure for the project, while working with industry-leading central technologies.

While the description has changed slightly, and open world is no longer a part of the listing, enough people saw it to cause a buzz. The game is most likely the next stage of the Visceral Games closed project. Before it was acquired by EA, Visceral was working on an open world Star Wars game, too. Their game went through many code names and many iterations without ever taking off. Words like “Ragtag” and “Space Scoundrel” were often thrown around.

2016 EA Battlefront Star Wars game

Will This Just Be Another Battlefront Disappointment?

I really hope not. They really better not screw this one up. Honestly, I doubt EA could take another hit like they did with Battlefront II. If they mess up again, I hope Disney takes away their license and gives it to Rockstar. I know they won’t but wouldn’t that just be the best game ever made? That or even a Skyrim-styled Star Wars game. Hopefully, EA takes a page from one of their playbooks on this new open-world game.

battlefront II, an EA Star Wars Game

So What Do You Want from a New Star Wars game? Let Us Know In the Comments!

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