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EA: No New Battlefield Game for a ‘Couple of Years’

written by Jake Tanner December 2, 2016
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Battlefield games have become a staple of the yearly releases over the last decade or so. I’ve honestly gotten to the point that between them, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, and other titles that see yearly releases, I can’t keep up anymore. Battlefield 1 is an exquisite game. It’s honestly the first Battlefield/Call of Duty game in awhile that I’ve enjoyed as a whole. Reports from VideoGamer┬átell us that we’ll have awhile to enjoy it before the next one is released.

EA has announced that we won’t see a new Battlefield title for “a couple of years.” EA’s chief financial officer, Blake Jorgenson, elaborated, “(EA) won’t have another Battlefield back for a couple of years. Next year we’ll have Battlefront, the Star Wars game.” The move is reportedly so the company can put all of its time and resources into the next Star Wars: Battlefront installment.

The last Battlefront was a big success, but the release felt rushed to some gamers due to the lack of map variety on launch day. Jorgenson had this to add about the criticism, “We were really working with the old canvas of Star Wars, the old trilogy,” he said. “We weren’t using any of the new materials that came out of [Episode 7] because our game actually came out slightly before the movie. Next year we’ll have the opportunity to leverage more of that content from the new movies and we think that’ll make the opportunity much larger.”

It’s a bold move by EA to not release one of their most popular titles next year, but I feel like it will help them in the long run. I’m not the only one that has expressed a distaste of yearly releases for games like Call of Duty or Battlefield. The number of releases are hard to keep up with and even harder on your wallet.

What do you guys think of the news? Do you agree or disagree with the decision to hold off on releasing another Battlefield game? Are you enjoying Battlefield 1? Let me know in the comments below!

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