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Eagles trained to hunt Drones

written by Antony "Tony_the_Brit" C. May 31, 2016
An Eagle plucks a Drone from the sky

An Eagle plucks a Drone from the sky

Europe has had quite a few terrorism scares lately, and many instances of drones hovering around in places that make people wonder what they are up to. Laws have been put in place to restrict suspicious drone activity, and one Dutch company has come up with an inventive way to enforce them. The two-man company called ‘Guard from Above‘ have trained Eagles to grab drones out of the air and bring them back to earth.

Sjoerd Hoogendoorn, a security consultant, teamed up with expert bird handler Ben de Keijzer to make the idea a reality. The pair have already ran demonstrations for the Dutch police, and the London Metropolitan police may also be interested. Sjoerd describes it as “a low-tech solution for a high-tech problem,” and also quipped “the most crazy ideas work the best.”

Since 2014, instances of drones involved in suspicious activity have become more frequent all over Europe. They’ve been spotted hovering near nuclear power stations, highly populated public areas, and even coming dangerously close to aircraft. There’s been more than 33 sightings of drones near prisons in England. Judging by the one caught with drugs and a phone attached, they may be being used to deliver contraband to the prisoners.

Mark Wiebes, detective chief superintendent of the Dutch police said that Eagles are already in use at airports to keep small birds at bay that might damage aircraft engines. Having drone-hunting eagles is the next logical step.

An eagle grounds a drone

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