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Would You Eat This Facehugger for Your Geeky Thanksgiving?

written by Quinzel Lee November 19, 2017
edible facehugger roast on platter for geeky Thanksgiving

There is no shortage of ways you can spend your geeky Thanksgiving, but an edible Facehugger is definitely a game changer. Would you eat it? Even better yet, would you be up for the challenge of preparing it for your guests?

Luckily, the woman behind the geeky edible creation posted her process on Imgur. Hellen Die is a researcher, chef, and food stylist for The Necro Nom Nom Nomicon. The website is full of recipes that hold the same level of creativity and creep factor as the delicious Facehugger.

Attempting to recreate the edible Facehugger for a geeky Thanksgiving is no simple feat. However, it is very interesting to hear how she went about making it.

“To start, I needed a roasting chicken, a good rub, an even better glaze, some hog casing, some butcher’s twine, chicken breasts, and crab legs.”

She then goes on to explain what she does with the chicken.

“The first thing you have to do is spatchcock the chicken. While it sounds dirty and a little illegal, spatchcocking simply means removing the spine and then smashing the whole bird flat. This cuts down on roasting time as well as helping to ensure a nice even crispy skin on the entire bird. It’s delicious!”

She then instructs to season and make cuts on the now flattened bird. The cuts are where she would like the crab legs to go for the creepy Facehugger limbs. Sausage is then used for the tail before putting in the oven. Of course, she gives a piece of good advice on what to do while this is in the oven.

“…it’s a good idea to warn any other family members who might be home that this is in the oven.”

She then shows a picture of the finished product, in its deliciously disturbing glory. Hellen proclaims that it is “over three feet long and absolutely insanely delicious”.

edible facehugger displayed on a food platter for geeky Thanksgiving

Anyone out there up for the challenge to give this a go? Let us know in the comments below!

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