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Elder Scrolls: Dark Brotherhood gets the DLC treatment!

written by Antony "Tony_the_Brit" C. April 20, 2016

The Mark of the Dark Brotherhood

I love the Elder Scrolls series of games, and some of my favorite quests to play are from the Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion and Skyrim. Even Morrowind lets you assassinate people as a member or the Morag Tong. Imagine my delight when I learned that Elder Scrolls Online is getting a Dark Brotherhood DLC right here on Don’t Hate the Geek. Then multiply that by 10 when Bethesda released their ‘First Look’!

I love the description on the Bethesda website. “Your talent for homicide has been noticed, and an invitation has arrived — to join the Dark Brotherhood in The Elder Scrolls Online! You’ll visit the Gold Coast, the westernmost region of the old Empire, where you’ll find opportunity, intrigue… and murder.”

There’s an impressive list of features in the Dark Brotherhood DLC, but some of my favorites include being able to visit Anvil, Kvatch and other familiar locations of Tamriel, and of course the unique Dark Brotherhood stuff like costumes and items. There’s also a patch that goes along with the game pack that lets you make poisons, lets your items get damaged, and balance some of the existing abilities to adjust for the new ones.

There’s also a pretty video

Are you drooling as much as I am?

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