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New Elder Scrolls VI, Starfield And More From Bethesda’s E3!

written by Tyler June 11, 2018
Bethesda's Todd Howard

Just like Microsoft’s press conference presentations, we tuned in for Bethesda’s E3 presentation and have brought an easy-to-digest form of the major events from their platform. From two new Elder Scrolls games, including Elder Scrolls VI, to a new Doom, Wolfenstein, details on the revealed Fallout 76 and Starfield, Bethesda’s first new IP in 25 years, this is sure to be considered as one of the winners for this years E3. As for the nitty-gritty, read on!

  • Opened with Pete Hines introducing Andrew W.K. to play a song in the theme for Rage 2. Then they showed extended gameplay. Finally, they showed a release date for spring 2019.
  • Elder Scrolls: Legends revealed to be relaunched with new visuals, and Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch releases coming soon.
  • Matt Firor for Elder Scrolls Online came on stage. Details about peak player count are now at 11 million. Very impressive! They announced Wolfhunter DLC for werewolves themed stuff, then ‘Murkmeyer‘ for Blackmarsh province. They ended on a trailer highlighting characters and story from various ESO excerpts.
  • Teaser trailer for new Doom title: Doom Eternal, showing essentially hell on earth. Boasting twice the amount of demons and indicating a full debut in Quakecon in Dallas.

  • Quake Champions was then shown. saying there’s going to be a huge focus on eSports for Quake Champions specifically. A trial before a free to play version is announced, and that if you download now, you can keep playing for free, even after the trial closes. Finally, a new trailer is released showing new features for Quake Champions.
  • The Prey team comes on and launches a big thank you. They’re stating they’re rolling out a huge update for Prey, with story mode, new game + and a survival mode. Mooncrash was announced as a Prey DLC coming out soon. Typhon Hunter was also announced as a PvP mode with mimics and their mechanics involved. Sounds super fun!
  • Wolfenstein news next, where they announced Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was announced for Switch. In addition, set in the 1980’s, a new Wolfenstein title: Wolfenstein Youngblood was announced. Featuring Blazcowicz’s future twin daughters, it can be played solo, but is being touted as a co op game. A gameplay trailer was also shown. announced as coming 2019. Phenomenal take on the series!
  • Pete Hines returns to show that Prey’s Typhon Hunter will support VR, that there will be a singleplayer portion. Wolfenstein will also see a brand new title aside from the aformentioned, and will be called Cyberpilot; to be a VR title.

  • Hines then discussed Fallout 76, and brought out Todd Howard to talk more about it. A funny video to start about how they’re bringing Skyrim to Alexa and Etch A Sketchs. After making fun of themselves, Bethesda showed Fallout 76, saying how it’s 4 times the size of Fallout 4, and a very different wasteland in West Virginia. Some improvements to the engine, resulting in 16 times the detail, with new rendering and new lighting. A trailer was shown, looking at new monsters and creatures, and the interior of walking around Vault 76. Then, Howard revealed that Fallout 76 was officially revealed to be multiplayer. However, yes you can play solo. What Howard called “softcore survival”, Howard says there will be still be leveling up and progression systems that carry over with your character wherever you take them. Oh, they also showed a flintlock pistol. Badass.
    • Apparently you can build anything anywhere and take it with you as well, carrying over the settlement building system from Fallout 4. Bethesda says Fallout 76 will be a “a true online and multiplayer experience” with building, questing together as well as obviously taking selfies. Classic.
    • Looks like they’re having a king of the hill type of objectives, as people will have the ability to take over nuclear launch facilities. You can acquire parts of launch codes and eventually get a full one and launch a full nuke to anywhere on the map you choose.
    • For the first time ever, Bethesda will have a beta test as it’s one of their first major forays into full multiplayer.
    • Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition revealed.
    • 14 November 2018 release date for Fallout 76.
  • Fallout Shelter announced for PS4 and switch, still free, and to be released immediately.

  • Elder Scrolls: Blades announced, a mobile-based Elder Scrolls title. Looks to be a simplified version of Skyrim. Has a combination of hand crafted and procedural generated environments, inventory, full customization, leveling up, abilities, etc.
    • Both portrait and landscape mode supported. Playable in a roguelike mode, an arena mode, and the regular RPG mode. Also a town mode which includes the ability to grow, level up and customize your town
    • Although mobile-based, it will be cross-platform across consoles, mobile, PC, VR and more.
    • Releasing this fall, for free! And you can head over to Bethesda and pre-order now!
  • Huge news here. Bethesda’s first new original IP in 25 years is announced. A singleplayer RPG called Starfield. There was a teaser trailer, with no other real information. So frustrating! All there was shown was a satellite above a planet, and some sort of warp that sucked the space in, then black screen. Hmph!

  • Last bit of huge news at the end, Elder Scrolls VI officially revealed. Just a scene overlooking a city, but Todd Howard of course simply said, yes, Bethesda is working on it. No info, no dates, just that. But that high-view environment: I’m sure the internet has already figured out what province of Tamriel it will be set in.

Devolver Digital also had a very strange conference. Replete with over-the-top jokes, gore, making fun of the industry’s monetization practices, but they showed little games and more entertainment. Among the games revealed were My Friend Pedro with a 2019 release, as well as Metal Wolf Chaos.

Wow, what a night. Some amazing surprises from Bethesda. What ones are you most excited about, geeks?

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