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Elite: Dangerous – The Scenic Route

written by HCase July 25, 2015


The Elite: Dangerous Game Preview on Xbox One came out just over a month ago. Despite many hours logged in space, I’ve only explored a tiny fraction of the Milky Way’s 400 billion star systems.

Exploration is my favorite part of the game. A usual session begins by picking a direction at random and engaging my ship’s hyperspace drive. Navigating the galaxy can be daunting at first due to the sheer number of stars on the in-game map. The galaxy presents a stunning variety of stars and nebulae that will captivate any space enthusiast.

A course up to 1000 light years(ly) can be set in the map. The number of jumps needed to traverse those 1000ly depends on ship model and specs of modules equipped. My current vessel, the Asp, jumps between stars 25ly apart. The max jump range available is slightly above 30ly.

I’ve visited approximately 3000 systems and captured some beautiful scenes to showcase the wonderful work Frontier put into Elite: Dangerous.
Note: The Xbox One screenshot feature isn’t working correctly with the Game Preview version of the game, so my picture quality is lower than the game’s 1080p.



Gamma Cassiopeiae Nebula



Ring Flyby

Barnard’s Loop made an excellent backdrop as I skimmed a gas giants rings



Inside the gas giant's rings

Inside the gas giant’s rings



Molten Metal Planet

Molten Metal Planet


 Inside the Lagoon Nebula









Blue-White Star

Blue-White Star Illuminating a Heavy Metal Planet


Solar Eruption in Trinary System

Solar Eruption in Trinary System



Side Cockpit View of an Earth-like Planet

Side Cockpit View of an Earth-like Planet







ED-GasGiant&Mag Clouds

Magellanic Clouds and a Gas Giant



Magma Planet

Magma Planet


A Beautiful Double Sunrise

A Beautiful Double Sunrise



Fast Spinning Herbig Star


These screenshots make excellent backgrounds for my PC  and Xbox One dashboard.  Next, I’ll be examining combat and share my thoughts and more pictures.


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