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Elon Musk Covering Tesla Damages After Man Saves Another’s Life

written by Jordan Cobb February 17, 2017

Anyone out there with a Tesla right now would be considered a really lucky person to have one and might be devastated should something happen to it, but that didn’t matter to one man when he saw another person in need.

On the Autobahn near Munich, Germany, 41-year-old Manfred Kick was driving along in his Tesla Model S when he saw that a Volkswagen Passat. Kick noticed that the driver on the Passat was unconscious so Kick pulled his Tesla in front of the Volkswagen to slow him down until both cars came to a stop. While others stopped and called on emergency services to come help, Kick administered first aid to the man until said services had arrived. Having appeared to suffer from a stroke, the unnamed Volkswagen driver is in stable condition at the hospital.

Overall the damages of the incident came around to 10,000 euros. Well lucky for Kick, he’s not gonna need to worry about paying for it. Elon Musk himself found out about the story and shared it on his Twitter and said that Tesla would cover the whole costs of repair for free.

As is with all incidents like this, the German police are conducting an investigation into the situation, but one of the officers on the case said that Kick is more than likely to get an award rather than a fine for his brave act of heroism.

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