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Sony’s Emojis Movie Set Entirely in a Smartphone

written by Liana "LiLi" R. April 14, 2016

According to The Wrapthe Spotify mobile app will have a starring role in the upcoming movie based on emojis. You heard that right: an entire movie based on emojis.

Sony Pictures Animation made their announcement at last night’s CinemaCon with president Kristine Belson taking the stage. “Did you know inside your phone there’s a secret world?” is what she opened with to announce that the entire film will be taking place inside an smartphone with the emojis being actual characters living in what she called “Emoji Valley”.


So what does a world inside of a smartphone entail exactly? According to Belson, the movie’s enviromentals include different aspects of a smart phone having phsyical counterparts in the world of the movie, such as your smartphone’s home screen. Belson also notes that Sony Pictures has partnered up with a few major app developers to include in this new world, though which partners exactly are still being kept on the down-low. Emojis

There have been a few mixed reactions by this new revelation. The idea of a movie based entirely upon emojis was interesting enough but with it being so heavily focused on brands, the idea is receiving some not so positive attention. Personally, I’ve got to agree with some of the critics. Sure its a little too early to make a concrete judgement with so little known about the approaching film but the idea that big brands are going to be so heavily integrated within the film seems a little blatant to me. Don’t get me wrong, branding within films is nothing new but it seems like the latest trend of overt marketing, especially within kids movies, is a little much. I can hardly stand the abundant use of emojis in my day-to-day interactions so my desire to sit and watch a movie about them is less than noteworthy.

What do you geeks think about the brand move and the idea of a movie entirely based upon emojis? Yay or nay?

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