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esimple Film Screen Protector for iPhone REVIEW

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg March 13, 2015

Screen protector review time! Today we had some film screen protectors come in for review from esimple. We have done lots of Glass Protector reviews and I thought I would review these for anyone out there that may not like the glass option. These are Ultra slim HD Clear Screen protectors. Nice thing is they come in a two pack which most glass protectors only have the one. They also come with a lifetime warranty if you need to replace them.
I am definitely not a pro at putting these film ones on that is for sure. Although the wrapping says Bubble Free Installation, I had a rough time getting the first one on. Not due to the screen but more due to the fact that I am super picky and like to keep picking it up and laying it down again. This is a little easier on the glass protectors IMO. But for those of you out there that have steady hands I am comfortable telling you that you should not have any trouble with these. Here is the pics from the first try.



So you can see there was some dust and bubbles that showed up under the screen. I also had a difficult time getting the sensor hole at the top punched out (be sure and do this before you apply). I decided to not give up and blame it on all of the Mountain Dew I have drunk today and give it another shot with the second screen. I am much happier with the turnout of the second screen. Here are the pics below.




As you can see turned out much better. So for those of you out there that like the film feel, want to save some money or the fact that you have multiples in the bag this is a great option. You can check out esimple on Amazon and grab yours for just $5.98 as Prime members. Hit the big green button and grab yours now.

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