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Essential Phone Gets New Colors and Something Extra

written by Dominic Gomez February 17, 2018
Essential phone in three new colors, Ocean Depths, Stellar Gray, and Copper Black

Essential made an announcement a few days ago. Some speculated that it could be a follow up to their not so successful first effort. Considering the phone started shipping at the end of August that was extremely unlikely. Essential actually announced a few new colors for their phone, Ocean Depths, Stellar Gray, and Copper Black. They all look really nice, although my tastes lie with Copper Black. My one worry is that if I did go for this phone any colour would be covered by the custom phone cases used to protect it, but there’s no denying that the colors still pop very neatly. While a handful of new colors isn’t exactly huge news, there is something to note.

Essential announced one more ‘new’ color Halo Gray. There are actually two things to note about this particular phone. 1. It’s considerably less than the others and two. It comes with Amazon’s Alexa built in. This should work just like any Echo device you may already have in your home. The difference is, you get to take this one with you everywhere you go. The phone will be released February 21, you can pre-order it here.

While I haven’t personally used the phone outside of playing with it a bit at my local Sprint store, I have heard mixed reviews. Some say it needs a lot of work. Some say it’s a great phone that has few flaws. With the current price of flagship phones, at $450 it feels like a steal. Especially considering the price of the other colors. Taken from the Essential website:

We’re excited to share that over the next week we’ll be releasing three new, limited edition colors: Copper Black, Stellar Gray and Ocean Depths, available for $599 exclusively on Essential.com.

  • Ocean Depths will go on sale today at 12pm PST
  • Stellar Gray will go on sale Tuesday, February 20 at 12pm PST
  • Copper Black will go on sale Thursday, February 22 at 12pm PST

It is worth noting these are a limited run. Meaning once they are sold out, they are gone. If you’re in the market for a new phone, will these colors persuade you to buy an Essential phone? Will the price tag of the Halo Gray Alexa version pull you in? Or are you willing to wait (and pay) for the upcoming Galaxy phone? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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