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EverBlock Introduces Life Size LEGO Style Building Blocks

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson January 15, 2017
Lego block bed

Have you ever wished that you could build your own house or furniture from LEGO blocks? EverBlock can make your dream a reality! The company specializes in making “modular building blocks” that look like life size LEGO. The possibilities for creation are endless, in your own home and even in business settings.

Giant lego building blocks

About the Blocks

EverBlocks come in three different sizes: full, half, and quarter. They also offer a finishing cap for the tops of surfaces, and different accessories to help you build. The accessories include different sizes of shelves, a desktop, and feet for the bottoms of your designs. The blocks are made of Polypropylene Co-Polymer with added UV protections so they are safe to use indoors and outdoors. Best of all the blocks are recyclable, making them a nerdy and eco-friendly choice for your home or business! Supports are available for taller pieces, and they even have special supports for blocks above doorways and windows.

Lego block coffee table

How They Look

There are there are 16 colors available. All colors of the rainbow as well as gold and silver are choices for the blocks.¬†You can also custom order for a color already in your home that you need to match. Cable channels built into each block allow you to run power cables invisibly through your build. LED strips can also be added to the “Milky White” block color to create cool light effects for your space. If you’re having trouble visualizing what your idea for a build might look like, you can use the 3D builder tool. This virtual builder allows you to choose brick types and sizes, add accessories (like shelves), and choose colors. If you just can’t think of what you want to build, or need help figuring out how to build what you have in mind, they have a library where you can browse ideas. They also sell kits with all the blocks and instructions for builds provided.


A full size block measuring 12″x6″ costs $7.25 for all normal colors, and $7.60 for gold or silver. EverBlock also offers a variety of bulk packs to choose from packs of 18 and 8 blocks of the same size and color, or combo packs of 26 or 29 mixed blocks of the same color. In accessories, shelves run around $30, feet go for $10.50 each, and reinforcement pins are $25 for a pack of 50. Kits vary in cost by number of blocks needed, and complexity of the build.

Are you inspired to get building? Would you build block furniture for your home or business? Let us know in the comments below!

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