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Everyone’s Favorite Irish Vigilantes to return in The Boondock Saints: Origins Television Series

written by Maggie Little May 1, 2017
Boondock saints: origins

While I’m sure most of you know Norman Reedus from his character Darryl on the zombie filled AMC series The Walking Dead, many fell in love with Reedus long ago as one of the MacManus brothers in the cult classic film The Boondock Saints. The brothers developed a large following, spanning to a second, and eventually third movie. Now there will be a prequel in the form of a television series titled The Boondock Saints: Origins.

Connor and Murphy MacManus won our hearts in The Boondock Saints when, after killing two men from the mafia in self defense, they decide to rid Boston of crime, vigilante style. The Boondock Saints: Origins will presumably detail the brothers’ earlier life, showing us how they became the deadly yet just men they are today.

Boondock saints: origins

So far there haven’t been any details released on who was cast in the series. So we can’t say if Norman Reedus or Sean Patrick Flannery will return as the iconic MacManus brothers, but one can hope.

The show will be executive produced by Troy Duffy, who was writer-director of The Boondock Saints, as well as 2009’s The Boondock Saints: All Saints Day – not to mention the third installment which is yet to be released. He is partnering with Don Carmondy Television. Don Carmondy and David Cormican will also be executive producers of the television series.

A “fan focused preorder campaign” has started, giving fans a chance to preorder some absolutely amazing goodies. For a mere five hundred and ninety-six dollars and change, you can preorder an exclusive box set of the pilot and entirely of The Boondock Saints: Origins, which you would receive and have the pleasure of viewing BEFORE it ever appears on any media outlet. A YouTube video was released with Rocco from The Boondock Saints explaining exactly what it is and how it works. You can watch it below:

The premiere, which you too can attend if you can pony up the hefty price tag, will be where else but Boston next year (2018). Hopefully, many more details will be forthcoming in the ensuing months. I’m pretty curious as to who all will be acting in this series, myself.

Are you excited about The Boondock Saints: Origins? Or more excited about the conclusion of the original trilogy? Or are you one of those (who I admit, I personally fall in with) who thinks that The Boondock Saints should have remained a stand-alone film? Let us know in the comments!


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