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Exclusive Disney / Netflix deal is coming soon.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. May 23, 2016

It's the Disney and Netflix logos

Mega media superstar Netflix and the nigh omnipotent Disney signed a big time exclusivity deal way back in 2012. The day for that deal to start is fast approaching.

The Disney arrangement gives Netflix the exclusive run of the library of movies in the Disneyverse. Not only that but we’re talking Pixar, Marvel and even Lucasfilm. The streaming giant will be the place to be for tons of awesome movie watching fun. Just think, users will be able to watch Beauty and the Beast, hop over to Toy Story, once done head on over to Ant-Man and then finish the day strong with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. All without multiple apps or discs.

The release window for new movies is a little touchy though. Netflix will receive the new releases the same time that premium cable channels like HBO or Starz. The reason that’s touchy is when those outlets start to air the films is after digital and Blu Ray/DVD. Eager fans looking to get their Marvel stream on will have to wait.

It's for Disney and Netflix

What this also means is that Netflix is the only streaming home for the Disney Empire. No Amazon, no Hulu. The only other way to watch online is going to either be the included digital copy with the physical discs or via services like VUDU, a Wal-Mart off shoot, or Google Play that impatient peeps can buy a digital version or rent for a small charge.

I know this will anger some folks that aren’t on Netflix, why aren’t you?, but it’s really a good thing. By consolidating the massive Disney archive and new films into one spot makes it so much easier for Disney lovers. I know I will burn up some serious data when the deal finally goes through.

The Disney/Netflix deal isn’t set to start until September. That’s a long wait but worth it. While I own most of the Marvel and Lucasfilm features on Blu-ray, I am woefully behind on my Disney collection. I need to grab some on HD before they get slapped in the Disney vault.

Knowing this, what do you geeks think? Is the wait going to be worth it? Are you mad because you don’t have Netflix? Fire off a missive in them giant comments below.

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