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Extended Trailer for Season Three of iZombie Shows Off New Team

written by Jordan Cobb March 22, 2017

Now I know it hasn’t been a decade since iZombie season two ended, but the wait for it has made it fee like that. Thankfully though, me and other fans of the show won’t be waiting long for season three. Once Legends of Tomorrow wraps up its second season, the loose adaptation of the Vertigo comic book will be back on the air and immediately follow up on that cliffhanger from nearly a year ago.

So of course right now is the perfect time to release an extended trailer to show the brand new team in the fight against zombies and trying to find the cure for zombieism itself. Take a look!


Well good to see that the show hasn’t lost of that the Rob Thomas charm and wit that has made the show a cult success.

Of course the cast chemistry wasn’t in too much danger of changing, that’s maybe the key factor of the show, aside from the zombies and all that. Of course the season storyline of Seattle being setup as the international Zombie HQ will be one to keep an eye on as it will further expand the world of the show.

That will be exciting, but me, I’m just glad to see that David Anders’ Blaine is still a key focus on the show because he’s just the best. The best.

How excited are you for iZombie season three? Who is your favorite character? Let us know in the comments below!

iZombie’s third season premieres on The CW on April 4!

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