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Fable is Back! Kind of – Ex-Lionhead Devs Found a New Way to Bring Fable Back to Life

written by Liana "LiLi" R. May 30, 2016

Fable is coming back to fans in a whole new way thanks to the guys that used to lead Lionhead Studios.

Fans around the world were heartbroken when the news broke that Lionhead was officially shut down but the developers aren’t letting those fantastical worlds that they created go to waste. 


Microsoft officially released the Fables license to be used by a new indie studio that is led by an Ex-Lionhead team: Mike West, Craig Oman, and Marcus Lynn. They are working together to bring a new digital card game appropriately titled Fable Fortune to fans of the series and the Kickstarter will be going live later this week.

Think Hearthstone but with co-op. Players can work together to defeat an AI with a card leveling system. What makes this game unique is that it stays true to Fable’s morality code where the player can make the choice between “good” and “evil” and build up their hero to fit the image that the player chooses.


The game also promises to tickle fans with a few characters from the older games, so seasoned players of Fable are in for a treat. Another aspect to Fable Fortune is that there will  be new concepts, storylines, and characters that never made it to the video game series. It is guaranteed to be a new experience in a lot of different ways.


The new studio responsible for this resurrection goes by the name Flaming Fowl Studios (Really surprised they missed the opportunity to go with Chicken Chaser Studios, to be honest) and they are utilising the popular crowd-funding site Kickstarter to make this amazing game a reality for fans everywhere.

The campaign is set to start on May 31st at 0700 PT with a goal of $366,000. Kickstarters are known for their amazing pledge rewards as well as early beta access. The game itself is expected to be available for PC and Xbox One with a full release later in 2017.

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