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Facebook adds scannable Messenger Codes for quick conversations

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg April 12, 2016

No matter how you feel about it Facebook Messenger is becoming a necessary evil. In what started out as one of my most despised apps on my phone is turning into the best messaging platform there is. More and more features and options, included with speed and ease of use makes the application a very easy, fast and free app.

With another add-on to its features Facebook has added in their own scannable codes now for quick access to adding friends or starting conversations. These scannable codes are very similar to the Snapchat snapcodes and seem to work fast and easy, plus they look really cool with little shapes and designs circling your face or logo.

Facebook scan code

From what I have seen not all accounts have this option yet but is rolling out to all accounts soon. Below you can see our code and if you want to send a message to test feel free I will be personally trying to respond to every one of them from this article. In this day and age with instant messaging platforms like this and tons of others it is almost annoying to get a text message anymore. They just take too long. So do the world a favor and start to get on board with some of these new features and apps.

To get to the scanner option just open Messenger. Click the three little lines on the top menu bar and right below where it says choose friends is scan code. Hold up the camera to the screen and it will take a quick pic and start a convo with us. Say hi.


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