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Snooze, but Don’t Lose: Facebook Reveals Latest Privacy Settings

written by Quinzel Lee December 21, 2017
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There’s a new feature on Facebook that allows you to limit exactly what you see from your friends without unfriending or blocking them. I present to you an option where, if you snooze, you might actually win. Maybe someone just went overboard with their cat photos or a friend just got married and you would rather not see hundreds of wedding photos. However, you don’t want to make the permanent move of unfriending or blocking them. Facebook will allow you to put those friends on “snooze”

It’s an easy thing to do. Go to any post in the upper right corner where you can see the 3 dots and select “snooze for 30 days”. At the end of that time period, settings will return back to normal, without you lifting a finger.

The biggest difference between this and just adding friends to “limited profile” is the amount of time and the automatic reset back after 30 days. No word if the length of time will ever have the ability to be customized to some time other than 30 days.

Overall, this seems like a neat feature. Your Facebook friends aren’t notified that they have been snoozed, so no hurt feelings to deal with. Also, no need to remember to add them back to normal settings. The only downside really is that, well, if you are constantly adding folks to snooze, or limited profile for that matter, it might be time to think about trimming your friends list and risk having that awkward “did you unfriend me on Facebook” conversation.

Facebook is all about connection. Settings such as the “People You May Know Section” unable to be turned off or removed show you how much the site thrives on you keeping those annoying friends. Luckily, they try to create new ways to just hide from them for a while.

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We would like to hear your thoughts on Facebooks Snooze feature. Have you used it? Do you like it? Do you feel like it’s another passive aggressive feature that keeps you from actually unfriending people? Sound off in the comments section below.

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