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Facebook wants to give you a tip jar?

written by Branden H April 19, 2016

Never let it be said that Mark Zuckerberg has run out of ideas. Whenever another organization attempts to make the social media hill harder to climb, Facebook hires a thought Sherpa and climbs right up the mountain with new ideas. The latest details were revealed to Facebook users in the form of a survey asking you, the Facebooker, how you would like your posts to make money.

The options listed in the survey, do not reinvent the wheel, heck Facebook isn’t even the first site to offer profit-sharing, but the variety of ideas Facebook is offering is exciting.

Tip jar says lets not make this awkward

The first idea: A tip jar. A place where fans can leave you money. Now I like this one – it could help steer content towards what people want by allowing donations to be made on the posts they really like. Then again, given the recent nature of the internet, that could be scary.

Other ideas include:

  • Branded Content
  • A Sponsor Marketplace
  • A call to action button
  • Revenue sharing

All of which make sense seeing as Facebook is looking to become a dominate platform for real-time sharing in which it now lags behind in thanks to options like Twitter and Snapchat. The first shots fired came from their recent all out push to get live video sessions up which could put a dent in apps like Periscope.

Should the survey yield results it could mean big changes to existing pages and personal user content. Time will tell if it yields results but Facebook is already a well established platform, its just looking to take the next step in its evolution

Source :

The Verge

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