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Fairy Tale in Flight: New Inflight Dating App

written by Robin Anderson December 13, 2016
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The sound of heels clicking rapidly. Parents frantically trying to calm children. The faint intercom calls echoing throughout the airport. Little did you know; among all this organized chaos is the love of your life.

Instead of letting your love sit two seats behind you obliviously, live out your romantic fairy tale in the modern age!

Just imagine it; your fingers dance gracefully over your phone screen as you remember this rad ass app that you had installed the day prior. You open it curiously and see that on the same flight as you, is this magnificently sculpted human being. As you admire their picture, you get a message. BAM! It’s your soul mate and you guys are gonna get married and people will cherish your love story for generations.

The name of this app, you may ask? AirDates!


AirDates Dating App Features

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AirDates is this new app that is currently in its public beta stage; but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it out! This is currently the only app that allows you to communicate offline and inflight.

You made a connection during the flight, shared experiences and tips about the destination, making the flight enjoyable. How about sharing a taxi to your next location, having a drink or even going to a rooftop party in your city? Enjoy your connection, make new friends, share experiences… The possibilities with AirDates are endless! – AirDates

Not to mention that meeting on an airplane for the first time is probably one of the safest ways to chat. No more dark-lit alleyway Tinder meet-ups when you could have the safety that a plane provides. Knives or open water bottles aren’t even allowed on aircraft so they aren’t going to be able to hurt you in any way; and if there is an issue, then there is security less than 70 feet from you at all times!

So go on and get out there with no concerns! Live your romantic ‘oh we met mid-flight’ dream and then share your amazing love story with us!

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