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‘Faith’ May Get a Live Action Adaptation: Why You Should Care

written by Christina Ortega Phillips July 2, 2018
Faith in the comics

Sony is working on a live action adaptation of Valient Comics’ “Faith.” Who is Faith? According to Deadline,

The hero is Faith Herbert, a jubilant, comics-and-science-fiction loving geek who also happens to have telekinetic superpowers.”

Doesn’t sound very unique yet, does she? Keep reading:

Faith marks a step forward toward making spandex characters more inclusive, since the men are almost always well muscled and the women model thin. Unless she’s redrawn, Faith isn’t that. She made her debut in 1992 as a member of the Harbinger team and her accessibility made her popular enough to get her own comic book series. She is able to fly and has the ability to levitate other objects in her “companion field.” She also doesn’t brood like most superheroes; she’s a pretty effervescent young woman.”

Faith in the comics

So Deadline’s article title used the word “plus-sized” to describe Faith. Let’s not go into how the definition and sizing of “plus-sized” women has changed so much over the years, but instead let’s focus on the message that Faith will bring: not all superheroes are men, not all superheroes are model thin, and that’s okay. That is okay. That is the message I want my friends, my nieces to see. Why is important for my friends and nieces to see more than just model-thin superheros? Let’s talk about that.

Why are you a geek? What attracted you to each fandom that you dig? No, really. Take a second and think about it. Me? I had no friends other than books when I was a kid. My escape was video games, comics, or cartoons. I did not fit into the “real world” and so I buried myself into a geek one in which I blossomed into the proud geek I am today.

Even if being a geek is an escape for others like me, it is not a cure-all. Why? Because even as geeks, our world is still lacking. I have a friend who is a huge Star Wars fan, but she was uber-geeked when the new movies started rolling out because of Rey and, according to my friend, she “could finally see herself” on screen. I didn’t get it.

Rey in The Last Jedi, similar to Faith's representation

Star Wars: The Last Jedi..Rey (Daisy Ridley)..Photo: David James..©2017 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

I was so confused by this. Yes, Rey was a female and a fighter and helped move the plot along, but I had always seen females on the screen. I wanted to be as tough as Sarah Connor, as gutsy and inquisitive as April O’Neil (in the cartoon and original movies), to fight like Sonya Blade. So why was Rey so special? Maybe my friend and I were just into different geek things. Or maybe I just didn’t get it…at that time.

Fast forward to this past February when Black Panther entered the theater with a bang: a (nearly) all black cast with strong females who can fight, do science, and have natural hair. It was a win for females, but it was a big win for minorities, specifically African-Americans. Of course, the internet was full of jokes about other “black” movies that exist, but this one was different. It was special because the culture portrayed was not one of gangs and drugs and troubled youth. There was a superhero. There was a message. It was impactful.

Black Panther had many strong female characters, like Faith

And then I got it.

Who or what did I have that made me feel the way my girl felt about Rey, the way my African-American friends felt about Black Panther? Mousie or Sad Girl from Mi Vida Loca? As inspiring as Selena was, I am not a singer. Pablo from Ash Vs. Evil Dead? Besides the fact that Pablo is a he, the character is also just a sidekick who continually calls the white main character jefe (boss). (Note: I am a huge Evil Dead fan despite the previous sentence.) So where can I look to find me? I’m still looking. That’s okay, though.

At least now, with Faith coming out, I know my friends have somewhere else they can look to find themselves — and my nieces when they start looking.

What do you think? Is Faith just another superhero movie to you? Where do you find yourself represented in geek fandoms? Tell us in the comments.

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