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Fallout 4 mods are inbound to consoles this June [VIDEO]

written by Liana "LiLi" R. April 29, 2016

Because who DOESN’T want to see Danse Paladin as Buzz Lightyear? Until now the magical world of in-game modificiation has primarily been for the PC platform players. As we’ve previously reported with the Creation Kit coming to the game across all platforms via a pretty massive patch, Bethesda is finally making good on their promise of bringing the world of mods to both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 in June of this year.


With the implementation of the Creation Kit, players will be able to put themselves in the creative chair by being able to virtually make anything on PC and then port that over to the gamer’s platform of choice. You know what that means? Cue the lightsabers, the baby-launchers, the Mass Effectization, and a whole lot of other shenanigans as this will open up an entire new world of possibilities for our console brethren.

Head on over to the Bethesda Launcher downloader to begin. Log into Steam and there you can find the beta section in the drop down menu to being the process of selecting which mods to build and later port over.

Here are a few of my favourite Fallout 4 mods you can find on the web:

(Don’t forget to check the video out at the top of the page)


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