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Fallout 4 Mods Come to Xbox One Today

written by Matt "Chewy" Ruppert June 1, 2016

Earlier this week, Fallout 4 released the capabilities to download user made mods to the console. This is an unprecedented feat for creators Bethesda, “We tried for 15 years & Mods are finally on a console.” they reported via Twitter.  Bethesda also stated that traffic for the game is 50 times higher then the initial release of mods for the PC.  It appears via their Twitter and their review of the increase “traffic”, the release of mods to console players has been a huge success.

The way that it works to get the mods created and available for console users is pretty interesting. The mods are initially created on the PC using the Fallout 4 Creation Kit then ported over to the Xbox One for use. More information can be provided on the details of how it works in the video above from Bethesda.

One thing to note is that while the mods are installed, you can not earn any achievements. Also, keep in mind that if you intend on creating or using a mod that utilizes content or features from the game’s DLC, such as the newly released Far Harbor, you must own that content for the mod to work. Finally, players should keep in mind that a cap has been placed on the amount of installed mods you can have at 2GB.

Fallout 4

“What about if my game gets messed up using the mods?” you might ask. Players can take comfort in knowing that the game will save your progress prior to mod use. In the event that your game is affected by the mods, you will have a safe save point to go back to.

The team at Bethesda has had to take some actions on drama created by the mods however. The developer needed to removed a few user made DLC as it allowed you to kill in-game children. The mods are also causing some issues to players with mods that “meant for PC” modifications for the game as the Xbox One handles the mods differently. Finally, the development team had to deal with connectivity problems caused by so many downloads of the mods.

What are your thoughts on the mods? Is this something you would like to see come to more console games where applicable? Let us know you opinion in the comments section below.

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