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‘Fallout 76’ Announced From Bethesda Ahead Of E3

written by Tyler May 30, 2018
fallout 76, showing a vault dweller

After a lengthy live-stream of what appeared to be…well, nothing really, Bethesda finally has announced a new title in the works. Titled ‘Fallout 76‘, the teaser trailer below shows a clean-looking vault, very homely but decorated seemingly in preparation for a party. Other than being quite domestic in appearance, there is a suspicious lack of weapons present in the trailer, despite a pip-boy being shown.

I mean, what good is V.A.T.S. without some sort of thing that spits plasma at baddies?

“When the fighting has stopped and the fallout has settled, you must rebuild.”

Hmm, okay. Lots to digest. I’d speculate on a few things. One, Bethesda’s press site uses the code-name: ‘Mountain’ to refer to Fallout 76. There’s also a cover of a John Denver song in the trailer, “…West Virginia, mountain mama”. Two, various publications and other sites have rumored that the new Fallout will be multiplayer. Thus, we’re looking at a multiplayer Fallout game set in vault 76? What could possibly be so interesting in the Fallout world to be stuck inside one vault? One thing’s for sure, Bethesda Game Studios says not only will there will more information revealed on June 10th for their E3 presentation, but there’s confirmed platforms for Fallout 76 including Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Fallout 76, showing inside the vault

My guess? Since Fallout Shelter was fairly popular, they’re expanding on that idea and essentially making a cross between Fallout Shelter and The Sims, with multiplayer. Yeah, it’s a stretch, but Bethesda Game Studios doesn’t screw around. It seems almost everything they touch turns to gold to a point. I would also wager than once the true reveal happens on June 10th, you’re going to see a release date this coming holiday. Bethesda just hates long wait times, and rarely do they do delays. As soon as they know it’s ready in the last stretch of development, that’s when they reveal a title.

I just couldn’t be more excited. What about you geeks? Excited for an expanded Fallout Sims/Fallout Shelter to release? Tell us what you think Fallout 76 is in the comments!

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