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Fallout cosplayer mistaken for terrorist by police

written by Alex Lopez April 15, 2017

When it comes to cosplay, one of the most important decisions is what to cosplay as. One Fallout fan in Grande Prairie, Canada may be rethinking his choice after a run in with the local authorities.

The man in question was heading to a local business to get a few alteration to his costume. Concerned citizens called police after they spotted the man walking and believed that he had a bomb strapped to his back. The owner of Lynn’s Alterations, Hoa Huynh, was beginning to take measurements when he received a call from the RCMP. They asked Mr. Huynh if he could see any wires on the man and then asked the owner to leave from the back door, which he did. The RCMP then made contact with the cosplayer and after a while, realized that the gentleman was simply in costume.

The Fallout inspired costume consisted of a gas mask, helmet, armor and a bullet belt. The cosplayer was also carrying a “New California Republic” flag, one of the many factions in the game. What about the “bomb”? Well that turned out to be a bunch of Pringles cans painted silver. Perhaps the citizens on Grande Prairie don’t like Pringles. The man was taken into custody for a short time before police released him.

Police were all smiles after the incident, no doubt relieved about the end result. Cpl. Shawn Graham of the RCMP said “In the end, you’ve got a good feeling after going ‘OK, there wasn’t a bomb, there was no intent to do anything criminal'”. He does go on to say that while he understands the love for cosplay, people should be aware that police will mistake fake weapons for real ones. He also says that cosplay does have a time and place. “Wandering around downtown [is] maybe not the place to do it” says Graham. So be careful cosplayers. We would hate to see this happen to any of you.

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