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Fans Petition for Zack Snyder to Direct The Batman, But Should He?

written by Jordan Cobb February 3, 2017

Earlier this week it was reported that Ben Affleck was stepping down from the role of director on The Batman, the standalone film in the DC Extended Universe that spins off from Affleck’s portrayal of the superhero in last year’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Now so many names are on a lot of shortlists as to who could replace Affleck, who will still produce and star in the film. Some fans have created an online petition to have Batman v. Superman director Zack Snyder film it himself and I have to disagree.

What I’m saying here isn’t just stemming from my dislike of the offerings the DCEU has produced and released so far, it more or less stems from wanting the DCEU to grow and get better than what it is right now. Snyder is of course more than qualified to direct the film given that he did work with Affleck playing Batman recently and will again for Justice League: Part 1 and 2, as well as having adapted 300 and Watchmen. He cares about the source material.

But when you stop to think about it, it’s just not a smart move. Snyder is already getting four movies deep into the DCEU and is producing all the other subsequent films and I imagine Warner Bros. wouldn’t want to overwork their prized stallion. But also it would keep it more the same than ever before. There is a reason many were upset about Affleck standing down and that is because it would have meant something new, something different which the DCEU desperately needs right now.

Everyone likes to bring up how the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a formula itself and to be fair in some regards, yes they do, but at least I can say every film feels different. When I think of the MCU I think of a conspiracy suspense thriller that just happens to center around Captain America, a heist movie that features a high-tech suit with the ability to make you change sizes, and a tense political drama that balances hard, deep topics and handles them in a mature way against the backdrop of a teenage kid from Queens taking down a giant man. What do I think about when I think of the DCEU? A dark, drab, lifeless film that is way too long and not at all fun and I mean that about all the DCEU movies right now. If anything the DCEU is WAY more formulaic than what Marvel is offering in the cinemas.

Each film going forward in the DCEU should have a different eye behind it so while it can still add to the overall universe its apart of, it can also make its films feel different from the next one. I don’t want Zack Snyder directing The Batman simply because I want the DCEU to break out of its shell. I am still hoping against all doubt that Wonder Woman later this year is amazing and that Justice League can live up to its long awaited big screen debut because I really love DC Comics as much as I love Marvel Comics.

But hey, that was just my opinion. Let’s talk geeks! Do you disagree with what I said? Do you want Zack Snyder to direct The Batman? Who would you want to direct the movie? Let’s sound off in the comments below!

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