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Fantastic Beasts 2: Arthur Darvill to Play Dumbledore?

written by Robin Anderson November 29, 2016
Arthur Darville to play Dumbledore in fantastic beasts

Fantastic Beasts was a incredibly beautiful movie—filled with adventure, heartbreak, and exquisite creatures from the depths of imagination.

Which is why everybody is so damn pumped about the second one!

Here is the cast for the sequel so far:

  • Johnny Depp is continuing his role as Gellert Gindelwald
  • Ezra Miller is playing Credence Barebone (The teenager who is believed to be dead)
  • Eddie Redmayne is, of course, playing our favorite Newt Scamander
  • Zoe Kravitz is coming in as Leta Lestrange (The woman who he kept a picture of in the first movie, and is related to the rest of the known Lestrange family; including Bellatrix)

The real question that is currently ‘up and about’ is who will play the famous young Albus Dumbledore?

J.K. Rowling mentioned a few weeks ago that she has the perfect actor in mind for this outstanding character, however she is keeping this a secret for quite a good reason.

Well I have of course thought about this, and I do have someone in mind, but I can’t say it because if that person doesn’t get cast, then the person who does get cast will blame me forever for having said it, won’t they? So I’m gonna just keep quiet, and if it is that person then you will know about it.

Arthur Darvill

Arthur Darvill

Just the other day, our star from Legends of Tomorrow and Doctor Who, was asked if he would be interested in the role of young Albus Dumbledore. Obviously quite excited about the thought, he replied:

Absolutely. D’you know what? I’ve made this pact with myself that when I hit a certain age, I’m only going to play wizards. I want to be that guy. So whether it’s 10 years down the line or when I can grow a salt and pepper beard, I would be totally happy just playing wizards for the rest of my life. But yeah, if they came knocking saying, ‘We really want you to play the young Dumbledore,’ I’d definitely consider it!

Darvill certainly does seem like an excellent choice for this role; with elements that he can take from previous roles to incorporate in young Albus.

James McAvoy and Damian Lewis

Even though these actors have not expressed public interest in the role; their names have been mentioned quite a bit.

james mcavoy

James McAvoy is a favorite actor as of late with his most recognizable roles seen in the X-Men as young professor Charles Xavier. While this can be corrected with contacts, he does have the piercing blue eyes that Dumbledore is seen with as well, which is a minor bonus and something to try and look for when casting.

damian lewis

Damian Lewis, known for his Homeland role as Nick Brody, and Richard Winters in Band of Brothers, is thought to be another obvious choice. He also possesses the eyes, and is older; which would fit more in line with the character at that time.


Regardless of who is chosen, there is no doubt that this will be a challenging and rewarding role to play. J.K. Rowling will surely be confident in the casting and will absolutely not disappoint us! Do you think that any of these actors are fit to play the famed role; or do you have someone else in mind? Let us know in the comments!

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