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Fantastic Four Screenwriter Reveals Original Film Plans

written by Jordan Cobb August 19, 2016

20th Century Fox’s latest adaptation of the Fantastic Four from last year was a failure across the board from critical and audience response, its poor box office performance, and of course all the much talked about production troubles and behind the scenes drama.

Fans were still left glamouring for a definitive film version of Marvel’s first family, but according to one of the screenwriters on the recent film, they almost had it.


Jeremy Slater confirmed in an interview about long standing rumors as to what 2015’s Fantastic Four could have been. Slater originally turned in around 15-20 different script drafts before the film’s producer, Simon Kinberg, also producer and writer behind the X-Men films, came in with director Josh Trank to craft the more grounded and gritty version of the film we got with all three credited as the writers of the film. Slater’s vision it seems would have been more true to the Fantastic Four comic books.

The original villain was going to be long time nemesis, Annihilus who would have been found in the Negative Zone by Reed Richards and Victor Von Doom. Speaking of Doom, he would’ve been closer to his comic counterpart in Slater’s film than the anti-social hacker that Toby Kebbell played since Doom would have declared war on the civilized world. The Doombots were to be involved in a final battle similar to Saving Private Ryan in war-torn Latveria against the Fantastic Four. The Mole Man would have also been in there, but more true to the original character than the government bureaucrat than Tim Blake Nelson ended up playing and unleash a genetically engineered monster upon Manhattan that stood 60 feet tall.

Slater even touched upon beloved characters and concepts from classic Fantastic Four comics saying,

“We had monsters and aliens and Fantasticars and a cute spherical H.E.R.B.I.E. robot that was basically BB-8 two years before BB-8 ever existed.”

One other noticeable change was a post-credit teaser scene that featured Galactus and Silver Surfer destroying a planet.


To any Fantastic Four fan, this sounds like the movie they would’ve wanted, but Slater confirmed that budget concerns were ultimately the reason why his version never came to be as it would’ve been too expensive.

Slater’s words confirmed that previous reports as to the original Fantastic Four script were mostly false, but that the budget concerns were there in both reports.

What do you think of Slater’s original vision, do you think it would’ve better represented the Fantastic Four? Let us know in the comments below!

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