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Want a Companion Bear named Cheeseburger in Far Cry 5?

written by Tyler February 11, 2018
Man and his best friend, just fishing in Far Cry 5

Let’s be honest, you’re gonna pick the dog. I mean, he has fur, four legs, grabs weapons for you, and never dies. What’s better in a companion for Far Cry 5?

The latest trailer lists seven possible partners in crime you can recruit throughout your cultist-bashing adventures in Ubisoft’s latest installment in the series. From snipers and pyromaniacs to hunters and air support, there’s plenty of variation to suit any play-style. What the trailer doesn’t show, however, is that there’s a lovable bear companion named Cheeseburger that you can have. Yes. Cheeseburger. Below are the summaries of each, but if you want more backstory on each, check out the trailer below. If you want more Far Cry 5 story, check out their latest trailer here.

Name: Boomer
Role: Furry. Four legs. Best friend.
Grabs guns from enemies sometimes. Marks nearby enemies

Name: Hurk Drubman Jr.
Role: Beer and blowing stuff up. Hurk loves RPG’s as much as he loves killing cultists.
RPGs on vehicles are more destructive. They will also heat-seek air and land vehicles.

Name: Nick Rye
Role: Family man. Flying man.
Air strafing runs to gun down enemies. Airstrike bombs for big booms.

Name: Jess Black
Role: Lone huntress. She is one with the wildlife.
Enemies have a harder time detecting her. She can befriend predators.

Name: Adelaide Drubman
Role: Mama Hurk. No one tells her what to do.
Abilities: Can deliver a helicopter. Less reloading: bigger magazines.

Name: Grace Armstrong
Role: Super duper sniper. Out for revenge.
Abilities: Players can see her sniper’s laser sight much easier. Her sniper shots will scare away enemies.

Name: Sharky Boshaw
Role: Has no friends. Well, other than fire. Fire and he are besties.
Abilities: Resistant to most explosions and impacts. Attacks will have an extra ‘spark’ to them.

Cow grazing and eating in Far Cry 5I wish you could have this bad boy as a companion.

While there is a cougar and bear companion that isn’t detailed in the video, I’m still stoked about having a furry creature as a pet. Also, the fact that one is named Cheeseburger. I mean, cmon. Regardless, you can go fishing with your new buddy in Far Cry 5 when it releases March 27, 2018, on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

What would you choose as your companion in Far Cry 5? Tell us in the comments!

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