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Far Cry 5 Post-Launch: Loads of Content, Beefy Level Editor

written by Tyler March 8, 2018
Far Cry 5 Arcade mode

From the brand that brought you Far Cry: Blood Dragon comes… more craziness. I mean, if having a bear-partner-in-crime named Cheeseburger doesn’t make you think this game isn’t grounded, I don’t know what will. Ubisoft released a new trailer detailing Far Cry 5′s post-launch content, including its three alternate reality DLCs, live events,¬†and arcade modes.

Content Overview

The three major DLC’s include one about fighting zombies, another about fighting aliens and a third about fighting… Vietcong? Since the first two are clearly more about sci-fi and fiction, it’s strange to see a DLC about a real-world event mixed with the other two time-travel experiences. The video also details Far Cry 3 Classic Edition coming included when purchasing Far Cry 5. No mention whether it’s remastered, but the “classic” label kind of separates itself from a familiar Call Of Duty release, where they released Modern Warfare remastered for free with the purchase of Infinite Warfare.

The Beefy Arcade Mode

For actual Far Cry 5 post-launch content, the video also detailed Far Cry Arcade, where there is “an endless amount of maps to play in solo, co-op or PVP”. It indicates that some content will be generated by Far Cry Studio (level creator), as well as player-made maps which will be “constantly updated with new content and challenges”. This sounds like they’re taking a page from Blizzard’s book about having an arcade mode. Prolonging the shelf-life of the title itself by allowing not only user-generated content but having a completely separate mode that players can enjoy post-endgame is exceptionally smart. Especially with a level creator included. The last bit of content in the video revealed Far Cry 5 Live Events. These events include goals and challenges to unlock outfits, vehicles, and weapons.

an example of a custom map in Far Cry 5 Arcade mode

Making a Level Using Items from Assassin’s Creed and Watch_Dogs?

Speaking of a level creator, the video below details more about that delicious looking arcade mode. The Far Cry 5 level creator will allow you to take content from all 3 DLCs, as well as Far Cry 4, 5, Far Cry Primal, Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, and Assassin’s Creed: Unity to make maps for solo, co-op or the 12-player PVP. The video indicated fewer restrictions for level creation than before and gave examples such as creating entire cities underwater, mixing sci-fi with Assassin’s Creed assets, and more. They also noted that they plan on having 6 major updates post-launch, each bringing with it more content and more items and assets for level creators to use in their maps.

The Hype

I’m not gonna lie, this is one of the first times in a long time that I’ve seen a season pass and post-launch content plans (especially from Ubisoft) seem absolutely chock-full of meaningful content, instead of a tiny mission here or a single weapon DLC there. I cannot express how much I’m looking forward to creating maps and having endless explosive fun here. Especially with my friendly pal Cheeseburger. Far Cry 5 releases March 27th for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. What’s somewhat perplexing is that although the standard edition is priced at $59.99, there’s no way to see the price of the season pass on its own. The only way you can get the season pass, is to pre-order the Far Cry 5 Gold Edition, for a whopping $99.99. I know it’s a lot of content, but phew. That’ll hurt the wallet.

Are you excited about Far Cry 5′s release? Are you going to make maps and content or just enjoy the challenges and PVP? Sound off in the comments!

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