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Far Cry Primal REVIEW with DHTG

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg February 24, 2016

ug…ug….nag….ug….nug….Oh sorry keyboard was stuck on Caveman. Welcome to the DHTG review of Ubisoft’s latest release Far Cry Primal. This review will be light weight and be easy on spoilers so feel free to read ahead.

Far Cry Primal opens in 10,000BC (that’s in the past) with you, Takkar and a group of Wenja (your tribe) hunting Mammoth for food. First things first as with most Far Cry games you will notice it looks stellar. The graphics are smooth and colors are very rich. The game jumps in with a quick little tutorial to give you hunting and running around controls. The story line starts fast with a big and action packed intro that leads you right into the game.


As you start off your abilities and crafting are limited. You have to look for resources in order to fashion most of your weapons. If you are hurt you are going to have to heal with animal meat so be prepared to kill most of the stuff you see. You use a really cool Predator like sense, called Hunter’s Sense that makes animals and things to pick up a yellow color and easy to see in the plush environment. You will be using this a ton as you are always looking for animals that want to eat your face.

As you progress through hidden caves, escort missions, and bonfire lightings you will learn new traits and skills that make your character more adapted to the life in the wilderness. Once far enough in the main story you finally get your Beast mastery and can tame wild animals to help you through your missions. This has to be one of my favorite parts of the whole game. You are going to start off with basic animals and open up more of the badass animals as the game progresses. Really becoming proficient at beastmaster is very important in your survival, so take the time to learn each animal and all of their different abilities.


One of the biggest things that you have to get used to in Primal is the limited use of items. Having the use of only basic rudimentary weapons makes the FPS like game a new flavor in the world of bland reused games. In most games hiding behind that corner and using a sniper rifle from across the map becomes a whole new ball park when you have to sneak so close and use only a spear or a club.


Ubisoft did a great job on Far Cry Primal. It looks amazing. Gameplay is solid and story has enough action to keep you wanting to play. Between meeting new characters like the shaman Tensay and the taming of new animal types you have a constant arsenal of new characters and abilities. The hunting and crafting is just about the right amount and not overplayed in the game. If you are looking for something that will take you to a different place in time then I would recommend Far Cry Primal.

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