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‘Farscape’ Star Gigi Edgley Joins the Cast of ‘Uncharted Regions’

written by Ro January 25, 2018
Gigi Edgley as Chiana on Farscape Set to star as Alice Kaplan in episode 4 of Uncharted Regions

Uncharted Regions is an audio drama series produced by Swords & Circuitry Studios. The series’ executive producers, Neal and Jana Hallford, promise “thirteen classic audio dramas that take you into the realms of Science Fiction, Dark Fantasy, Horror, and Mystery.”

On January 19th, Swords & Circuitry Studios announced sci-fi icon Gigi Edgley joined the cast of the fourth episode, These Haunted Hills, currently in production. Gigi will star as Alice Kaplan, a fiercely independent pioneer visited by a mysterious stranger on an untamed, newly terraformed Mars.

The first episode, Someday, Over You, debuted as the opening act during the San Diego Creators block on the first day of the 8th Annual Horrible Imaginings Film Festival (HIFF).

Unlike many of the reincarnations of the audio drama, Uncharted Regions tells one short story per episode; telling the tale in full. This format choice opens the door for the Hallfords to not only showcase more of their own writing but to bring the work of other writers to the series as well.

The best way I can think to describe the series is: Tales from the Darkside and The Twilight Zone meet Alfred Hitchcock Presents somewhere in a fog-riddled alley in the murky pre-dawn hours and made a pact to bring the strange and unexplained back to the airwaves.

By the time the first episode ended, I knew I was on board to listen to each one as they dropped. Don’t take my word for it, give it a listen:

The Latest News from Uncharted Regions:


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In the press release, Neal Hallford, writer/director of the episode said:

From the moment we started drafting the story for this episode, we knew that Gigi was born to play the part of Alice. We’re so very happy that she agreed with us.

Edgley says of her casting:

I have searched the world near and far to tell magnificent stories. When Neal and Jana told me that Alice was written with my voice in mind I felt truly honored. I am so excited to be joining forces with Uncharted Regions! We can’t wait to share this tale with you.

Presented as a Western set on Mars, the episode These Haunted Hills intentionally mixes the feel and trappings of both classic westerns and vintage sci-fi.

Co-Executive Producer Jana Hallford stated:

Gigi has this remarkably expressive voice that uniquely bridges those separate worlds, and we are really looking forward to her breathing life into the world of New Perth.

Where Else to See Gigi

Gigi Edgley first appeared as a guest star on Farscape (intended to be one episode) but her role quickly expanded as she captured the attention of the Farscape writers, producers, and fans alike. The mischievous Chiana became one of the most popular – and at times most controversial – characters in the series.

The SyFy Channel and The Jim Henson Company also requested Edgley host Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge. She will next appear onscreen in the forthcoming short Hashtag from Runic Films. Along with Jake Edgley, Gigi is Co-founder of Little Empire Productions.


Swords & Circuitry Studios is a San Diego-based film production and entertainment company developing content for films, television, radio, comics, and computer gaming. Founded in 2001 by Neal Hallford and Jana Hallford, Swords & Circuitry remains dedicated to the independent creator movement. In addition to being the production company behind Uncharted Regions, S&C created the award-winning noir horror short The Case of Evil, which toured film festivals across the U.S. and U.K. in 2014. They are also production partners with Los Angeles-based MyStar Media on the forthcoming feature documentary, The Con of Wrath.

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