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Father Wakes Up 2-Year Old Son As Darth Vader VIDEO

written by Jessica "RavenPwnz" D. May 8, 2016
Image of Darth Vader

Rob Lopez, resident YouTuber, decided to go above and beyond in waking up his 2 year old son by dressing as Darth Vader. In the video you will see him prepping his costume as well as getting written permission from his wife (happy wife, happy life, right?) the night before his plan will take place.

In the morning, you can see him in all his Vader glory coming out to the tune of the Imperial March and beckoning his son from his slumber for an epic lightsaber battle, in hopes it will be one for the books! Well, Sebastian (his son) has entirely different plans. Go ahead, check it out! (Insert Jedi Mind Trick gesture here)



Say it with me… D’awwww! I know, it’s the cutest, nerdiest thing I’ve seen this morning. Cool dad points went way up, and his son is absolutely the most adorable little jedi known in a galaxy far, far away.


Vader with text saying impressive, most impressive

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