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Fear the Walking Dead “So Close, Yet So Far” -DHTG Review

written by ClassicT4 September 1, 2015


Perhaps moving a bit too fast of a pace, the second episode of Fear the Walking Dead wastes no time completely tearing down society.

Just last episode, we see people spending time at school, enjoying a nice meal at a diner, and taking nice drives through town. Nothing more than a traffic jam trying to get out of the city and something strange going on regarding people behaving mysteriously on some news footage. Episode two takes place right where episode one left off. Suddenly, the need to get out of the city becomes dire and every single place seems to be be raided or about to be.

TobiasIf there ever was a Eugine of the show.

Travis, Nick, and Madison quickly move to gather their loved ones and get the hell out of dodge. Problem is, none of them can seem to get anything across besides “Listen to me” before the person walks away or hangs up.

ListenFor god’s sake will someone listen when they’re told to listen.

Madison rushes to the school for medication for Nick. She runs into Tobias while there. They form a mutual alliance, which helps Madison get a feel that the threat Tobias was trying to warn her about is as grave as he expected. Pharmacies and weapon stores are likely too late to raid, everywhere else is just a matter of time. Their time together eventually leads to a frightful encounter with a blood-stained, soulless Art.

Alicia may have been hard to watch as she ignores her obviously frightened family, but it was nice to see her take care of Nick as he was convulsing and vomiting right when she tried to leave the house.

Failing to organize the family in time, Travis and the others are separated and hunkered down as chaos ensues around them. The worst part was the almost unbearable failures to communicate. Despite that, most of the characters did have some nice moments. I’m still looking for a redeemable quality for Chris; so far, nada. Other than that, the rapid crumbling of society is looking to make for an interesting set up and it’s still interesting to see how these characters continue to adapt to it.

(3.7 out of 5)

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