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Fear the Walking Dead Premiere -DHTG Review

written by ClassicT4 August 24, 2015


Ever wonder what happened before the zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead? Fear the Walking Dead is there to give you a glimpse as it focuses on people in Los Angeles just going about their normal life with nothing but personal issues, and some mysterious infection spreading, to worry about.

This episode mostly focused on the members of one family. The father, Travis, teaches at an inner-city school. His lover, Madison, is a guidance counselor at the same school. They have a daughter, Alicia, with a boyfriend dealing with typical teenage dilemmas, a younger boy, Nick, who is just around. Travis also has an ex-wife, Liza, and they have a son, Chris, with a drug habit.

The big focus of the first episode is on Chris. Under the influence of drugs, he ends up seeing things he can’t make sense of and begins to wonder if what he saw was even real. Everyone else, when not concerning themselves with Chris in the hospital, are going to work, going to school, and having the usual, everyday conversations. Alicia looks a year ahead to be done with school and getting a chance to move away, Travis fixes the sink, classes teach lessons like normal, everyone treats the days like any other.


This first episode shows no concern for the foreseeable future, at least to the main characters. There are a few that seem to be taking what they find on the internet and what their witnessing in the news very seriously and prepare for the worse. The infection is a big talk among everyone. Classes with empty seats, buses unloading a handful of students, some news report in the background, makes everyone remark on the spreading disease going around and reminding each other of flu shots.


The premiere is littered with little teases of people with zombie-like behavior, with varying degrees of reveals. This back and forth on the tension seemed to carry the episode well enough as things picked up a little near the end. The characters seem different enough to add a bit of variety to the cast. Whether they’re interesting or not will likely depend on how they react to society crumbling around them in the coming episodes.


(3.5 out of 5)

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