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Is the Feud Over? Did MoviePass and AMC Really Make Up?

written by Johnny Perkins April 6, 2018
AMC Theaters front entrance

MoviePass Is Back in AMC

AMC Theaters have accepted MoviePass back into the fold. For those who don’t know what MoviePass is, it’s a subscription service for movie tickets. For a monthly fee, you can go to the theater and see one movie a day. Back in August, the movie service dropped its prices from $15-$50 a month to only $9.95. This did not sit well with many theaters, especially AMC. At the time, AMC began to fight with them.

AMC Theaters 2

 A “Small Fringe Player”

With the drop in price, they started to become more popular. Some users were able to pay as low as $6.95 a month and AMC were not happy. They were losing out on the revenue from ticket prices they used to see. In January, however, AMC cut ties with the service in more than 10 of its major markets. The theater chain labeled the app as “unstable”, was considering taking legal action against them, and cutting them off completely. MoviePass also got in a little bit of hot water when we learned that they monitor their user’s movements after leaving the theater.

moviepass app and card

Quiet Moves

In a quiet move, however, it seems the fight has ended. All the AMC theaters are now back on the app and available. No official announcement has been made, but it appears AMC and MoviePass settled their differences. Now the MoviePass users who are willing to pay the $9.95 a month can go see a movie a day at any AMC theater they want. It is worth noting that the service also used to only charge annually. This may have scared some users off and if it failed, it could have left many people out the almost $120.00 total annual fee. However, they have now changed to a monthly billing system and with the appearance of AMC’s approval, those who buy could be safe for a long while.

MoviePass website

Are you excited AMC is back in MoviePass’s good graces? Are you going to buy MoviePass now or do you have it already? Let us know in the comments!

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