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Fifty Shades Darker Gets Extended Trailer with Taylor Swift and ZAYN

written by Robin Anderson January 6, 2017
Fifty Shades Darker

After Fifty Shades of Grey was a major success, making about $550 million from a $40 million budget, there was no doubt that the second movie would be along shortly.

Almost exactly one year after the release of the first movie, we can now expect Fifty Shades Darker to be in theaters February 10th. Because what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than sitting in a theater watching two other people have a bunch of sex. Until then, to satisfy your hunger, Fifty Shades Darker welcomes you into the New Year with a brand-new extended trailer!

Fans of The Bachelor were given the first look at this trailer, which was aired during the show’s first episode of their 21st season.

Just a few days after Anastasia “Ana” Steele leaves her arrangement with Christian Grey, Grey wants her back. As seen in the trailer, he sends roses and requests a dinner; to which Ana gracefully agrees to because… she’s hungry. Not long after, they start a new relationship under the agreement that there will be no rules and no punishments.

Fifty Shades Darker

Soon after they start their vanilla relationship, Leila Williams (a old submissive of Christian’s), proceeds to stalk the couple and slowly begins to escalate. From staring across the street, vandalizing personal property, to breaking into their house, and finally to whipping out a loaded firearm. She demands to know what Ana has that she doesn’t. With a shot ringing out, the trailer goes black.

According to Wikipedia, in the book Leila never fires the weapon—so that leaves readers to wonder just how different this film will be. Obviously there is still one more film to go, so neither Grey nor Ana are mortally wounded. However it still leaves the question of what other details will they change, and how much will it alter the storyline?

The trailer theme song, “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” (Fifty Shades Darker) by ZAYN and Taylor Swift, can be found on Spotify, Amazon, ITunes, and more! This song, much like “Safe & Sound” by Taylor Swift, was written specifically for this movie. Watch the music video below.


While the first movie broke records internationally, it did only get a 4.1/10 rating from IMBD. Do you think the curiosity for this abnormal dynamic is gone, or will Fifty Shades Darker reach and even larger audience due to an obvious increase in drama and action? Let us know in the comments!

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